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Wednesday, Feb 10, 2016
SCM has been around only since 1999, yet it has been recognised as the “Best Newly Listed Company” in Indonesia by the 2002 Asiamoney Award. Meanwhile, our wholly-owned Subsidiary, SCTV, is recognised by the Far Eastern Economic Review magazine as one of the ten best companies in Indonesia and the 200 leading companies in Asia Pacific for the years 2000, 2001 and 2002. In addition to these, SCTV’s Liputan 6 has earned international certification ISO 9001:2000 for its news management.

SCTV has been broadcasting some of the best TV programmes in Indonesia since 1990. Over the years, a number of these programmes have received awards and are recognised as being the best in their respective categories, including:

  • The Asian Television Awards for children and sports programmes.
  • The Index Customer Satisfaction Award (ICSA) for Liputan 6.
  • Panasonic Award for the Best News Programme and the Best Male & Female News Presenters.
  • Best Brand Award for Liputan 6.
  • MURI (The Indonesian Museum of Records) Recognition of SCTV as the first TV station in the world to arrange a teleconference in the legal court proceedings of the Buloggate case (from Indonesia to Germany).
  • MUI (The Indonesian Council of Ulemas) Award for best religion programme.

SCTV Awards
As part of our appreciation for the national TV community, we have also launched the SCTV Awards since 2001 in recognition of best SCTV programme, best actor and actress, best commercial and best TV host. A Lifetime Achievement Award is also presented to individuals with lifetime dedication to the entertainment industry in general.

The SCTV Awards are voted in by SCTV audiences throughout Indonesia and therefore reflect the popular choices of a significant portion of the television viewing public in the country. In 2002, SCTV’s Liputan 6 Evening News programme was voted Best TV Programme for the second year running; while Best TV Host went to Ulfa Dwiyanti, and the Best Lifetime Achievement Award to the actress, Christine Hakim.

Indonesian Independent Film Festival
In addition to these awards, SCTV also promotes selected Indonesian films made by independent film producers or aspiring cinematographers. The programme is held once a year, airing for several weeks depending on the number of film entries.

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